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Aboard a ferry to the islands of Washington, you can look back at the white pyramid of Mount Baker standing at the edge of the continent. Eagles carve circles in the sky above. Orca whales and porpoises feed and play in the lush water below. This legendary archipelago was a gift of the glaciers that covered Washington 15 thousand years ago. It is a refuge for some of the world’s most rare and regal species, for humans who seek a respite from their life on land and for artists who find inspiration here. Galleries, vineyards and fine restaurants coexist with some of the tastiest canoeing and kayaking waters along the Pacific Coast.

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Updated:01/18/18The Islands of Washington region includes Whidbey Island, Camano Island, Fidalgo Island and the San Juan Islands. Many islands and islets make up the San Juan Islands, but it’s the four main islands, Lopez, Shaw, Orcas and San Juan, that are accessible to visitors. Highways connect Camano Island and Fidalgo Island to the mainland. The […]

Cruises and Whale Watching


Updated:11/29/20Plan on Cruises and Whale Watching in Washington Wonderful hours of cruising while whale watching in Washington, plus spectacular shore and water vistas, are interspersed with landings and sightseeing visits along the way from Seattle through the San Juan Islands and on to Victoria, BC. Combine the relaxation of boating (as only a private yacht […]

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