Seattle Washington

Seattle Washington

Visit Seattle Washington to explore the largest city in Washington State.  Known for it’s technology, coffee, and airplane manufacturing, Seattle is also a vibrant urban center. You will find excellent accommodations for your stay, savory dining and delectable desserts, as well as shopping, entertainment, and activities to fill your days. See Seattle webcams for current weather conditions.

Shopping in Seattle Washington

With Canada so close to the north Seattle has become a major international shopping destination.

The larges shopping malls in Seattle are Northgate mall located to the north and Southgate mall located just south of Seattle.  Downtown Seattle offers a bustling shopping district with all the popular stores including the flagship store for Nordstrom. Many large chain stores are popular including Costco, Walmart, Winco, and many more.  Seattle is also home to many boutique shops that offer a custom experience. Downtown Seattle offers a core business district as well as restaurants and hotels.  Visit the pier to take a ride on the Great Wheel or to depart for Victoria BC on board the Victoria Clipper.

Seattle Washington Attractions

Seattle_250x250With more than just “10 Things You Must See and Do in Seattle”  plan to spend time to visit all the attractions that Seattle has to offer. Include the world famous Space Needle. Visit the Seattle Underground Tour to learn more about the history of Seattle.

Seattle History

1909 Building Seattle Seattle Municipal Archives

From “Building Seattle” – 1905-1930: Seattle regrades, Mashable, August 18, 2015.
1909 – Image: Seattle Municipal Archives

Seattle was literally rebuilt from a swampy and hilly terrain into the municipal center fallowing a fire which destroyed much of the original downtown. Mashable put together a great expose showcasing how Seattle was rebuilt.

Seattle Washington Wine and Wineries

The Seattle area offers the Puget Sound wine region.


Best Restaurants Seattle Washington

Following are some outdoor dining experiences recently published in Seattle Magazine:

  • Marination Ma Kai (Waterfront on a budget) – located in West Seattle and looking across Elliott Bay toward downtown Seattle. 1660 Harbor Avenue SW. 206-328-82226
  • Westward (for drinks and Oysters) – Wallingford, 2501 Northlake Way. 206-552-8215
  • Bottlehouse in Madrona, 1416 36th Avenue. 206-708-7164
  • Manolin in Fremont – 3621 Stone Way North. 206-294-3331
  • The Hollywood Tavern in Woodinville – Redmond Road NE 425-610-7730
  • Agua Verde Cafe and Paddle Club in the University District – 1303 NE Boat Street. 206-545-8570
  • Brimmer & Heeltap in Ballard – 425 NW arket Street 206-420-2534
  • Ray’s Cafe in Ballard – 6046 Seavie Avenue NW. 206-789-3770
  • Terra Plata in Capitol Hill – 1501 Melrose Avenue. 206-325-1501
  • Joule – in Fremont 3506 Sone Way North 206-632-5685
  • The Whale Wins right next to Joule at 3506 Stone Way North in Freemont- 206-632-9425

Getting Around Seattle Washington

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