Downtown Seattle

Plan to Visit Downtown Seattle While In Washington State

Downtown Seattle Washington is the regions largest shopping district, with boutique shops and large retailers such as Nordstrom co-existing in the midst of the City’s bustle. Enjoy the Pike Place Market and Tours, Space Needle and Seattle Center, the Monorail, Museum of Pop Culture, the Mariners’ baseball stadium, along with ballet, opera, and symphony!

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Experience More of Seattle Downtown

Part of the experience is to get out on the waters of Puget Sound, so enjoy an Argosy Cruise or enjoy Tillicum Village on Blake Island for an authentic Native American dinner and show. Waterway Cruises will take you across Lake Washington to view homes of some of Seattle’s most prosperous residents, and along-side the houseboats where “Sleepless in Seattle” was filmed.

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Downtown Seattle Attractions


Belltown is Full of trendy restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques:

  • Buckley’s Bar – 2331 2nd Ave (206) 588-8879
  • Jazz Alley – 2033 6th Ave (206) 441-9729
  • JUJU Bar – 2224 2nd Ave. (206) 949-2287
  • Lava Lounge Bar – 2226 2nd Ave (206) 441-5660
  • Mickey Flynn’s Bar – 2000 2nd Ave (206) 443-4490
  • Pampas Room Music – 90 Wall St (206) 728-1337
  • Rendezvous Cafe Music- 2320 2nd Ave (206) 441-5823
  • Rob Roy Bar – 2332 2nd Ave (206) 956-8423
  • Sarajevo Lounge – 2332 1st Ave (206) 448-9000
  • Sixth Ave Bar and Grill – 2000 6th Ave (206) 441-8383
  • Spitfire Sports Bar – 2219 4th Ave (206) 441-7966
  • The 5 Point Cafe and Bar – 415 Cedar St. (206) 448-9993
  • Tula’s Jazz Club – 2214 2nd Ave (206) 443-4221
  • Twist Nightclub – 2313 1st Ave (206) 448-9478
  • Two Bells Tavern – 2313 4th Ave (206) 441-3050
  • Whisky Bar – 2122 2nd Ave (206) 443-4490

Shopping Downtown Seattle

You’ll find many boutique shops as well as major shopping stores in the downtown Seattle core. Home to the flagship Nordstrom store, Seattle makes a great destination for the most sophisticated shopper to visitors who are looking for an entertaining afternoon or evening.

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Downtown Seattle Hotels

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Seatac (Seattle Airport)


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