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The Palouse area in southeast Washington State is a photographer’s dream. The area is depicted in the book The Most Beautiful Place in the World, Impressions of 10 Master Photographers edited by Jay Maisel, as the “Lourve of Farmlands.” The Palouse has also been the subject of a National Geographic Magazine cover story entitled “A Paradise Called the Palouse.”

The Palouse represents idyllic America – a land of amber waves and warm-hearted people. The long, peaceful roads are perfect for scenic driving. Rolling fields, punctuated with historic towns, 19th-century architecture and remnants of pioneer farms create a photographer’s dream. It is one of the richest wheat-growing regions in the world, but the Palouse is far more than just picturesque farm country.

A Paradise Called the Palouse

Hills in the Palouse Washington State

Updated:11/18/21Come See The Palouse Paradise For Yourself Ride a raft down, and a jet boat up, the Snake River through Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America. Nearby, take in spectacular Palouse Falls, where the Palouse River tumbles 198 feet over layers of basalt lava deposited here during the last Ice Age. Keep your […]

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