Wenatchee Galleries and Studios

Wenatchee Galleries and Studios in Eastern Washington State

See addresses and phone numbers for many of the Wenatchee galleries and studios in the table below. You’ll find featured gallery and studio information below the table.

Art on the Avenues Various locations downtown Wenatchee Wenatchee 509-664-3390
Gratitide Glass 1422 N. MIller, Suite 1-C Wenatchee 509-888-4477
Caffe’ Mela 17 N. Wenatchee Avenue Wenatchee 509-888-0374
Earthen Arts Galley 1007 8th St. Wenatchee 509-663-1007
Elsie’s Studio 105 Railroad Ave Wenatchee 509-663-3855
Evenhus Fine Art www.evenhusfineart.com 509-884-3072
Robert Graves Gallery 1300 5th St./ Wenatchee Valley College Wenatchee 509-682-6776
Jan Cook Mack Gallery 529 Easy St. Wenatchee 509-662-8383
Pear Tree Pottery 3755 Eels Road Cashmere 509-782-2735
Lila Putnam Gallery 230 S. Columbia, Ste 1 Wenatchee 509-663-2000
Martha Flores Studio 620 Ski View Dr. East Wenatchee 509-884-4783
McDee’s Art Center Inc. 30 N. Chelan Ave Wenatchee 509-662-7117
Regis Gifts 113 Palouse Wenatchee 509-667-8566
Wenatchee Valley Museum 127 S. Mission Wenatchee 509-664-3356
Ruth E. Allan Studio 1001 Walker Ave Wenatchee 509-662-6991
Threads of Light 1450 S. Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee 509-664-0668
Wenatchee Gallery 30 N. Chelan Ave Wenatchee 509-663-1887
Nu-Art Gallery 24 S. Wenatchee Ave Wenatchee 509-662-3100
Julie Vreeman Studio 1512 Country Club Dr East Wenatchee 509-884-6298
Art by Dan Gale 4 N. Mission Wenatchee
Lemolo’s 114 N. Wenatchee Avenue Wenatchee 509-664-6576
Terry Signs 527 N. Wenatchee Avenue Wenatchee 509-662-6672
Chiyo Sanada 1332 Westwood Ave Wenatchee 509-667-2349
Artie Bowman 1130 Maple St. #91 Wenatchee 509-669-4851
Two Rivers Art Gallery 102 N. Columbia Street Wenatchee 509-888-0596


Evenhus Fine Art

Contact: 509-884-3072


Creating art is my life-long passion. I work in both oils and pastels in an impressionistic style leaning toward complete abstraction, enjoying the process of mark making, layering, wiping out and repainting until my vision reveals itself. I use an object or landscape as a starting point for my
compositions, focusing on composition, color, movement and emotion to create a painting that stops you in your tracks and touches your soul each time you see it

Jan Cook Mack Studio

529 Easy Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-662-8383


Jan Cook Mack grew up in the United States and Taiwan, and received her Fine Arts degree from Bennington College in Vermont. She established herself as a fine artist in New York City before moving to eastern Washington State in 1986.

Mack’s paintings arise out of an emotional response to the pursuit of an intimate relationship with the natural world. She began painting dairy cows while living in Vermont in 1970. “The geometry of their weight and placement offered an armature of formal structure which reinforced my realism” she explains. “My love of cows gave me a connection to the activities of farming. Tractors, bales, windrows became subjects. From a distance, farming tools and process seemed like large-scale drawing on the land.”

Her move from Vermont to Washington expanded her pastoral views to include explosive wildscape vistas. “Painting onsite allows the energy of a place to fully enter the artwork and give a voice to invisible forces,” she says. “I seek high elevation painting sites to depict a bird’s-eye view of the dynamic geology spread out below.” Her studies in Taiwan and Chinese hand-scroll painting also has influenced her panoramic vision of the West.

Mack is working on a series entitled “100 Views of the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers,” after Hokusai’s series “100 Views of MT Fuji.” She also has painted official portraits of Vermont’s Governor Madeleine Kunin, Senator Arthur Gibb, and two federal judges. Her work is collected by Bankers Trust, Exxon, IBM and is displayed in numerous corporate headquarters.

Artist’s studio and gallery open to visitors. Oil paintings and prints specializing in valley landscapes, orchards, fruit (apples, cherries, peaches) wilderness scenes (lakes and waterfalls). Open year round, Saturday & Sunday, weekdays by appointment (509) 662-8383.

Lila Putnam Gallery

230 S. Columbia Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-663-2000


Lila Putnam is a watercolor artist who lives and works in East Wenatchee, Washington.She has been painting much of her adult life and has been exhibiting since 1984.She is a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society, Eastern Washington Watercolor Society, Western Colorado Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society.She has received many awards including 1st Place and Best of Show in juried shows across the Northwest.Lila says this about her work:”Small magical subjects that are hidden in the quiet corners of nature excite me.

Martha Flores Studio

620 Ski View Drive
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Contact: 509-884-4783


You can find some of her paintings and prints for sale at Wenatchee’s Two Rivers Gallery, 102 N. Columbia St.

But don’t buy into the idea that Flores simply is creating art to cash in on her talents. “If it sells, good; if it doesn’t, the joy of making it was priceless,” she said. Flores’ creations go beyond the visual arts. She’s published two books of poetry in Spanish, including one she wrote as she recovered from the breakup of her first marriage. The book’s recurring themes are survival, healing and female strength.

Flores was born in Guatemala and grew up in El Salvador. She moved to the United States at age 15, spending more than two decades in the Los Angeles area. There, she earned master’s degrees in fine arts and counseling psychology. She moved to Wenatchee in 1992. She’s worked as an art teacher and family counselor.

She incorporates art therapy into her family counseling work, with the goal of bringing healing to the budding artists. She said poetry, theater, painting and sculpture are tools she uses to increase self-esteem, practice relaxation and “let the unconscious mind get in touch with the past.”

McDees Art Center

30 N. Chelan Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-662-7117

See McDees on Yelp

McDee’s is a complete Art Store with an experienced staff and presently serves a devoted clientele in the North Central Washington area. In 2002 we moved into a new location at 30 North Chelan Ave. in Wenatchee. We have added Wenatchee Art Gallery to showcase the many local artists in our valley. We hope that you will stop in and visit us when you are looking for that special piece of artwork to enhance your home or office.

Nu Art Gallery

511 Valley Mall Parkway
East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Contact: 509-884-6034

Nu Art Gallery sells a wide variety of art for all tastes. Nu Art also does custom framing, posters, and has a small variety of Tiffany and novelty style lamps.

Robert Graves Gallery

Wenatchee Valley College
1300 Fifth Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509.682.6776 or 509.665.5977


On Friday, September 21, 2007, Gallery ’76 was rededicated as The Robert Graves Gallery to recognize Mr. Graves’ efforts to establish a public art gallery for the citizens of North Central Washington and to honor his 34 year teaching career at Wenatchee Valley College.

With the change of the gallery’s name to the Robert Graves Gallery, a new logo was designed and it was unveiled at the opening reception which was attended by approximately 100 – 200 art supporters, former students, individuals involved with gallery project as well as Mr. Graves’ family members.

Ruth E. Allan Studio

1001 Walker Avenue
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-662-6991

Ruth E Allan is a visual and ceramic artist whose has been published, exhibited and collected worldwide. A Washington state native, she grew up on a small farm. She has a sincere passion for drawing, painting working with clay and carving.

Currently teaching ceramics classes at Wenatchee Valley College, she is also immediate past chairman of the city arts commission; curator and exhibits specialist for the Museum of the Columbia; creates and markets one of a kind porcelain clay vessels that are wheel thrown, hand polished and/or hand carved then raku or saggar fired. Unlike raku, the subtle yet striking saggar color effects are ‘conjured’ onto the pots during the firing by the placement of minerals and combustibles on or near their surfaces and can also result in austere black, gray and white patterns without the use of stains or glazes.

Her Master of Fine Arts in painting and design is from the U of Illinois. She has been an Artist in Residence in 1997 at the Hap Pottery in Beijing, PR China.

Publications that include her work are: Ceramics Monthly (Jan 1992); “Sawdust Firing, The Complete Potter Series”, Batsford Books, UK England (in USA, U of Pennsylvania Press) 1994; “Best of Pottery” Quarry Books, Rockport, Mass. 1996; “Masking and Resists for Ceramics”: AC Black Pub Ltd UK England 1996; “Barrel, Pit and Saggar Firing” American Ceramic Society, 2001; Chinese Potters Newsletter, Winter issue, Beijing, PR China 2002; “Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques: by Andrew Wandless, Lark Books, Pub 2004; “500 Raku” Sterling Pub Co 2011.

Two Rivers Gallery

102 N. Columbia Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-888-9504


Two Rivers Gallery is an art cooperative that promotes the visual arts through monthly exhibits, inviting the community to meet the artists members who run the gallery. We encourage our members by providing venues for exhibiting their art throughout the Wenatchee Valley. The gallery provides the community with a place to have an art experience, and celebrate art on the First Friday of each month.

Two Rivers Gallery promotes and provides a variety of visual arts experiences for all ages in North Central Washington through exhibitions, education, expression, and interaction. Two Rivers Gallery is a cooperative non-profit art gallery operated by local artists to make diverse and original art and art education accessible and affordable to the general public. In addition to teaching, displaying, and offering art for sale, the members enjoy belonging to a peer network that critiques, promotes, and supports their creativity.

Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center

127 S. Mission
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Contact: 509-888-6240


Museum Gallery – The Gallery’s changing exhibits explore art, history, sciences and rich diversity of North Central Washington.

Historic Mural: The Saga of Wenatchee
This is a WPA mural created in 1939 by Peggy Strong. This mural, original to the building, depicts the history of postal service in the region. It belongs to the people of the USA, and is catalogued by the Smithsonian



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