C.R. Sandidge Wines

Have you ever been to Lake Chelan? The 55 mile long glacier carved valley is well suited for growing world class wine grapes plus, it is also the perfect play ground! Blessed with four distinct seasons the valley has you covered. Cross country skiing, fishing, mountain biking, sailing, hiking, camping, sunbathing, relaxing… you get the picture. The list is endless.

Sandridge Wines

C. R. Sandridge Wines

It is the truth!

No other wine region in the world possesses the stunning natural beauty and play time options of the Lake Chelan basin. Believe us when we say this as we have been to Germany, Switzerland, northern and central Italy, France and the major wine regions of the United States. Visit and treat yourself to a very satisfying slice of life. While you are at it, make sure your experience is enhanced with our C.R. Sandidge wines in tow. They are ready to please.

145 Wapato Way Suite #1
Manson, WA. 98831
(509) 682-3704


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