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Washington Wine Country is becoming well known and popular with wine enthusiasts. While the region defined here has the highest concentration of wineries, there are more spread out throughout the state including most regions.

Washington is comprised of two major climate zones that are split by the Cascade Mountain range. The west side of the state receives more rainfall from the coastal waters, an the east side receives much less rain as the Cascades hold back the moist ocean air.

Wine Glossary and Wine Terms

Washington State Wine Glossary and Wine Terms

Updated:03/26/16 Washington State Wine Glossary and Wine Terms Acidic: or tart, sour. All wines contain some acids, predominantly tartaric. Raw, young wines are generally more acidic than older ones. improperly balanced wines may taste sour because of an abnormally high acid content. Alcohol: the sine qua non of wine, its affects run from the obvious […]

Recipes From Columbia Cascade Wines And Wineries

Recipes From Columbia Cascade Wines And Wineries

Updated:03/25/16 Enjoy These Favorite Recipes From Columbia Cascade Wines And Wineries Sun Dried Cherry Chutney Tim Putnam Smokeblossom Catering Description Sun Dried Cherry Chutney w/ Red Blend Ingredients 2 cups tart sun-dried cherries ½ cup dried cranberries ½ cup diced dried apricots or nectarines 1 cup tightly diced (brunoise) sweet onion, preferably Walla wallas 1 […]

Columbia Cascade Wines And Wineries

Columbia Cascade Wines and Wineries Header

Updated:03/26/16 A new wine region has appeared among the rivers, lakes, and mountains of North Central Washington. You’ll travel through this region as you tour Washington’s ultimate road trip, the awe-inspiring Cascade Loop. Bordered by the towering Cascade Mountains to the west and sagebrush covered hills to the east, vineyards and wineries are rapidly appearing throughout […]

Martin Scott Winery

Martin Scott Winery in Wenatchee Washington

Updated:01/18/18Perched above the Columbia River near East Wenatchee, Winemaker Mike Scott and his co-winemaker and wife Judi left the tree fruit industry and began making wines. Martin-Scott Winery is a true family venture. Just about every Scott is involved in one way or another- down to the grandchildren. They feature small quantities of handcrafted wines […]

Bella Terrazza Vineyards

Bella Terrazza Vineyards

Updated:03/24/16  Surrounded by picturesque North Central Washington beauty, our estate vineyard is rooted in ideal vineyard soils on a south, southwest-facing terrace perched above the pristine waters of the Wenatchee River in the Sleepy Hollow area. The name “Bella Terrazza,” Italian for “Beautiful Terrace,” is at the heart of what makes our beautiful vineyard so […]

Swakane Winery

Swakane Winery

Updated:03/24/16We began our journey in 2000 as many do, making wine at home for ourselves. Starting with the most readily available fruit found in Southwestern Washington, Blackberries, but soon venturing on to more common wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlots purchasing grapes from the Columbia Valley. This desire and love escalated and soon Mike was […]

Stemilt Creek Winery

Stemilt Creek Winery

Updated:12/28/17The creation of Stemilt Creek Wine begins with a uniquely crafted organic compost, tilled on location at Stemilt Hill. Careful of each ingredient, this compost boasts a balanced acidity specifically designed for a grapevine’s optimal growth. At the turn of the 20th century, the Mathison family planted their first fruit trees atop their Stemilt Hill […]

Cave B Estate Winery

Cave B Estate Winery

Updated:01/18/18Cave B Estate Winery is an award-winning boutique winery located in the Columbia Valley wine region; the very center of Washington State Wine Country. We grow an unusually broad range of varietals, made possible in large part by the micro-climates existent in our distinctive cliff-side location, 900 feet above the Columbia River. Winemaker, Alfredo “Freddy” […]

White Heron Cellars

White Heron Cellars

Updated:03/24/16The winery started making wine in 1986 with a Washington State Pinot Noir. In the spring of 1988, White Heron released the 1986 Pinot Noir and the 1987 Dry Riesling. Subsequent vintages of these wines have been released and in 1990 White Heron added the 1988 Chantepierre – a meritage type blend of Cabernet Savignon, […]

Ryan Patrick Vineyards

Ryan Patrick Vineyards

Updated:01/18/18Our vineyards are located in North Central Washington near the banks of the mighty Columbia River in the Ancient Lakes AVA. Ryan Patrick Vineyards’ award-winning Chardonnay is grown near Quincy on our Homestead Vineyard, named after Grandpa Sid Flanagan (1st generation) who started farming the native land in 1951 as part of the Columbia Basin […]

Fielding Hills Winery

Fielding Hills Winery At Fielding Hills

Updated:01/18/18At Fielding Hills, we believe a glass of wine takes you on a journey. With one sip, the unique story of its land and its people unfold. 2010 Fielding Hills Winery Bottling Party – Part1 from Decanter Banter Combining a long rich history in agriculture with an equally enduring passion for the winemaking process, owner/winemaker […]

Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery

Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery in Wenatchee Washington

Updated:03/24/16“Faire Le Pont” is a French term that means: “Bridging the Gap”. It’s used when a holiday falls mid-week and you are having such a great time that you decide to go ahead and extend it through the weekend … Faire Le Pont! No matter what day of the week it is, come on in […]

Wenatchee Wineries and Tasting Rooms

Updated:06/19/16Use these pages to plan your wine tasting around Wenatchee wineries and the Columbia Cascade wine region.  You will find both wineries and tasting rooms here – with maps and directions to most. Thank you for visiting the wineries of Leavenworth and Wenatchee! Going for a drive? Here’s a printable map of the Wenatchee region’s […]

Wedge Mountain Winery

Wedge Mountain Winery in Leavenworth Washington State

Updated:11/19/15Wedge Mountain Winery is a small, family-owned winery located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, five miles east of the Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington. We specialize in Bordeaux-style varietals and blends, handcrafted using our own estate vineyards and selected quality vineyards in eastern Washington. We are proud of the fact that our wines […]

Swakane Winery Tasting Room and Bistro

Swakane Winery label from their Sakane Red wine

Updated:01/17/18Swakane Winery began it’s journey in 2000 as many do, making wine at home for themselves. Starting with the most readily available fruit found in Southwestern Washington, Blackberries, but soon venturing on to more common wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlots purchasing grapes from the Columbia Valley. This desire and love escalated and soon Mike […]

Silvara Vineyards

Silvara Vineyards Winery near Leavenworth

Updated:01/18/18 On a wildflower-carpeted hillside overlooking the Wenatchee River Valley, just minutes from Leavenworth, Silvara Vineyards offers great wines, friendly staff in an outstanding mountainside setting. Poised on a gentle hillside surrounded by pear orchards, vineyards and the majestic wooded peaks of the Cascade Mountains, the five-acre estate offers a magnificent tasting room and entertainment […]

Pasek Cellars and Willow Crest Tasting Room

Plasek Cellars wine tasting room in Leavenworth Washington State

Updated:11/19/15Gene and Kathy Pasek started Pasek Cellars in 1995. They opened a tasting room on First Street in Mount Vernon in 1997. The winery was in a small area behind the store. From the start they had a tiger by the tail. Gene’s fruit wines had incredible popularity. The winery’s production grew steadily, but still […]

Okanogan Estate and Vineyards Tasting Room

Okanogan Vineyard

Updated:11/19/15Okanogan Estate and Vineyards Tasting Room is located in Leavenworth, while the Okanogan Estate and Vineyards is a hidden treasure located in Oroville, Washington. Oroville is a turn-of-the-century gold mining town in the Okanogan Valley, five miles south of British Columbia, Canada. In 1938 the local fruit cooperative, United Growers, needed a name for their […]

Napeequa Vintners Winery

Napeequa Vintners Winery Tasting Room

Updated:01/18/18Napeequa Vintners Winery – The winery. The name. The pursuit. Nepeequa_Pairing from Decanter Banter The Idea of a winery, which was to become Napeequa Vintners Winery, formed in 2003 between then partners Dave Morris, Mike Mann, and Ann Hathaway. In May of that year, Dave met with Charles Smasne and Ray Sandidge, then of Kestrel […]