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High-Tech Hiking in Washington: 3 Must-Haves for Your Pack

high tech hiking in washington from Faith at ehealthinformer

Updated:04/22/19  Hiking is a fantastic way to disconnect from life’s stresses and to enjoy all that nature has to offer. But that doesn’t mean you can just up and go; you need to be prepared. So as you’re planning your next (or first) hike in Washington state, you need to think not only about the […]

7 Fun “Outside-The-Box” Things For Couples to Do in Seattle

7 Fun “Outside-The-Box” Things For Couples to Do in Seattle

Updated:01/18/18 With its reputation for mercurial weather, grunge, and techies – Seattle is usually not at the top of any list of cities for couples’ fun or things for couples to do in Seattle. However, the city is bursting with perfect spots and experiences. Art walks, nature hikes (the birds & the bats anyone?), dining […]