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7 Fun “Outside-The-Box” Things For Couples to Do in Seattle

7 Fun “Outside-The-Box” Things For Couples to Do in Seattle

Updated:01/18/18 With its reputation for mercurial weather, grunge, and techies – Seattle is usually not at the top of any list of cities for couples’ fun or things for couples to do in Seattle. However, the city is bursting with perfect spots and experiences. Art walks, nature hikes (the birds & the bats anyone?), dining […]

Leavenworth Recreation Destination

Leavenworth adventure video

Updated:02/25/17 Leavenworth Washington – Washington’s Recreation Destination When I first heard of Leavenworth in Washington State, I was an active outdoors-man exploring the world.  I came across a comment and a page describing Leavenworth while looking for new rock-climbing grounds. It was certainly entertaining. Leavenworth was described as a unique town by the author who’s […]

Whatcom County

North Cascades Mount Shuksan

Updated:06/26/19Enjoy the History, Scenery, and Adventure of Whatcom County! Whatcom County covers a large area of Washington that spans from the Canadian Border in the north to Skagit County in the south, and from the Salish Sea on it’s western side up into the Cascade Mountains to the east. Places to Learn about the history […]

Battle of the Washington Volcanoes Tour

Eruption of Mt. St. Helens Washington Volcanoes

Updated:04/22/19Amazing Sights Touring Washington Volcanoes In ancient Pacific Northwest Native American lore, Klickitat (Mt. Adams, 12,276 feet) battled with Wiyeast (Mt. Hood, 11.245 feet) for the hand of the beautiful maiden Loo wit (Mt. St. Helens, 8,366 feet). Klickitat and Wiyeast would battle by shooting great walls of flame miles into the sky. Finally, the […]